2019 Photos



December 2019

Anna, Peter, Brenda, Dave, Gabrielle, Doona, Helen and John

Colin, Laurina, Pat, Peter, Lachie, Nathan, Julia and Lesley

Leanne and Alan enjoying the dancing

Leanne, Ron, Robbie, Bev and Alan

Lucy, Chris, Cath, Peter, Marie, Ross, Sue and Don

Laurina and Mike tossing up what to call next

Don and Gwen with Gary

Welcome to our new members – Cath, Robyn and Dorothy

November 2019

Our graduation group of 2019. We are so pleased to have you in our club.

Peter – he got two badges! So now he can be Peter or Carl – ask him about it one day because I am confused!

Dave has been learning with Howard and Peter and well as Jaybees, so he is very good!

Dave has been learning with Howard and Peter and well as Jaybees, so he is very good!

Gabrielle often looked worried when she was dancing – now she is glad she stayed the course

Karen looking very happy – it’s hard work learning to square dance.

Carolyn looking very happy

Ron happily receiving his certificate and badge

Sue, with her graduation certificate – well, actually, she didn’t need to graduate since she is now dancing Plus at Mike’s Plus!


October 2019

October was a very busy month for Jaybee dancers, with some travelling to Bairnsdale to spend a weekend with Brian Hotchkies and some going to Mt Gambier for Pine City Twirlers birthday.  Once again, we were fortunate to have Brian visit us before heading to Bairnsdale and once again, it was a popular night with 10 squares dancing to his particular magic.

Another successful visit with Brian Hotchkies.

Halloween was a marvellous night, with Mike and Laurina making up spooky words and everyone dressing the part.

Annette and Robert looking very devilish

Arthur and Clare having a ghoulish chat

Mike and Lorraine trying to look scary.

A dark group – Annette, Robert, Gwen, Don, Heather, Don, Brian and Wendy

Some of our Jaybee dancers, dressed for Halloween

August 2019

Our Fabulous Fifities night was really well attended and a lot of fun, despite the last-minutes change of venue.  Thanks to Laurina Collyer, John Ikin and Mike Davey for providing such a variety of dance forms, from square, line, rock’n’roll and mixer dancers.  I don’t think it was possible to sit down for too long.  Congratulations to the committee for putting it all together and providing some great pizzas.

John and his lovely bride, Helen

Leanne admiring the backdrop and her skirt at the same time

We had a few visitors and a few old faces. Lorraine, Neil, Carolyn, Debbie, Wayne, Leanne, Arthur and Wendy

Lynette and John enjoying themselves

Pam has brought her family and friends to celebrate the ’50’s

JULY 2019

July is always a celebration of red, white and blue – so we can celebrate American Independence and Bastille Day with the same colours – convenient, eh?

Clare sporting her red, white and blue outfit.

Jaybees Independence Day celebrating Bastille Day as well.

Julie calling at Jaybees

Clare, Lucy, Leanne and Wendy

Mike with Masako who was visiting from Japan

Baked potatoes – cooked by Minnetta to perfection

Wendy and Mike having a heart-to-heart

JUNE 2019

Our ‘dressed set’ night went well, with many dancers wearing dressed set outfits either from this year or previous years.  It was a very colourful night.

We finally were able to return to our hall in Notting Hill and our first night back was just spectacular!

Jaybees were happy to be back in our own hall in Notting Hill

Wendy and Clare with Arthur – just letting him know how happy they were!

MAY 2019

We celebrated our 35th birthday by inviting Howard Cockburn and Janice Alexander to join Mike and Laurina on stage.  They presented a wonderful afternoon and evening of singing, calling and generally being silly!

The 4 Mexicans, raising a fiesta

Straight from the UK

Our Life Members cutting the cake

Jaybees at the 35th birthday.

APRIL 2019

The National Convention was held in Deloraine, Tasmania.  Jaybees thoroughly enjoyed themselves, both at the dance and at the after parties!

Jaybees attending the National Convention in Deloraine

Leanne, Stephanie, Korena and Stephen

Leanne, Elizabeth, Jonathan and Di

Laurina and Lachlan

Jim, Mike and Tony

Jaybees dressed set – looking amazing. Thanks to Wendy for making it for them.

Mike Davey and Laurina Collyer – Callers at Jaybee Square Wheelers

The Collyer family

Carmen and Gabby with Mike

MARCH 2019

The State Convention was held at Moorabbin Town Hall and was well attended by Jaybee dancers.  Congratulations to Wendy for, again, making dress set outfits for Jaybees two dressed sets.

Jaybees at the convention

Jaybee dancers enjoying the State Convention

The Blue dressed set. Thanks to Wendy for designing and making the great outfits.

Elizabeth and Michelle

Elaine, Stephen, Korena and Elizabeth

A Hutton family affair – with a ring in!

Laurina and Lachie

The red dressed set – I think!


Valentine’s Day is always popular, with people donning their red and white and Mike singing everyone’s favourite love songs and dedications.

Valentine’s Day group



We started the year with hot weather that didn’t deter us in the least – thanks to the air conditioning units that the council have kindly installed for us.  We welcomed Janice and Des and their Whitehorse dancers for our first night for 2019.

Chris and Alan

Wine and Cheese supper – there was nothing left by the end!

Kath and Betty – visitors from Whitehorse Club

Mike with Ted, Brian and Alan

Bev and Minnetta enjoying a chat during supper