2018 Photos

Jaybee Square Wheelers

2018 Photos

October 2018

In October we had our annual visit with Brian Hotchkies as he makes his way to Bairnsdale for the weekend.  It is a fun night and Brian is a very talented and entertaining Caller.  Thanks for spending the night with us, Brian.

Brian calling

Hmm – I don’t think Brian is going to move Mike even an inch!

Laurina, Mike, Brian and Pat entertained us for the evening

Supper was a very chatty affair

September 2018

September was our sports night, with lots of party pies and sausage rolls to keep us warm.

Bob and Don having a sporting chat over supper

Grahan and Jan in their classic golf outfits

The entire sporting crew!

Bev and Gwen talking sport with David

Helen and John with Graeme, Julie and Wendy

Robyn with Marion, Sonya and Michael

August 2018

Our August Social was a Winter Wonderland, with people dressing in their warmest clothes and having a very warm and happy night together.

Wendy with two of her daughters at the August Social

Stephen, Korina and Keiara keeping warm

The lovely Emily – looking warm and friendly

Gwen in her South American finery

Helen and John with Frostie

Don, Neville and Alexis in their winter woolies

Lachlan – looking chilled as usual

Minnetta and Don with Frostie – their baby!

Mike and Laurina calling and hosting the evening

Joanne and Chris

Debbie and Wayne

Ross, at the door


July 2018

We have started the month off with our annual Independence/Bastille Day celebrations.  Red, white and blue are a great, colourful combination on cold nights.  We welcomed some dancers from Whitehorse Club who were able to visit as Janice was on a school holiday break.

Mike in his American shirt.

Annette and Robert Hagan with Mike

Uncle Sam needs YOU! Arthur and Graham.

Colourful colours.

Photo bomb!! Thanks Chris

June 2018

Mike and Lorraine returned from their 6 week holiday overseas.  We celebrated with ice cream and lots of toppings.  Many thanks to Laurina for covering while Mike was away.  She is amazingly talented and I don’t think Mike was even missed!

Welcome back, Mike and Lorraine

Yummy ice cream and toppings.

May 2018

We had a great fashion parade of dressed sets, past and present.  I should add that most of them were made by Wendy MacLean.  She is a marvel with a sewing machine and lots of glitter!

The entire group

Carmel, Greig, Sandra, Bob, Bev and David

Sonya, Michael, Bev and Alan

Laurina, Lachie, Gwen and Don

Minnetta, Don, Robyn and Mike

Jan, Graham, Jane and Colin

Arthur, Helen and John


We celebrated 34 years of Jaybees – not a bad innings, I say!  It was a fun dance, with visiting callers coming to join Mike and Laurina with the afternoon and evening.  Thanks to Pat Saunder, who did the cueing for the rounds.

Mike calling at Jaybees 34th birthday

Jaybees celebrating 34 years of dancing.

A happy group

Cutting the cake – Jaybee life members with Jaybee President’s Award

Some of the Callers who joined Mike, Laurina and Pat for the birthday.

March 2018

March is our AGM.  We were lucky to keep our wonderful President, Alan Bennie, but sadly, we couldn’t persuade Robyn Timmers to stay on for another term as Secretary.  Many, many thanks, Robyn for all the work you put into our club.  We now welcome Minnetta McGilvery as the new Secretary.  Thanks to Neville Jarvis for continuing as our Treasurer and Chris Park as Vice President.  We said goodbye to Colin Collyer and Julie Leydon from the committee and welcomed John Ikin, Helen Mangion and Chris Smith as new members.  It should be a great year with them working with the ongoing committee – Wendy and Ross MacLean, Bev Bennie, Don McGilvery and Greig Wight. Congratulations to Lorraine Davey for the President’s Award.

Jaybees Committee for 2018

The State Convention was held in Horsham over the Labour Day weekend.  It was in a school hall that had a terrific floor and excellent airconditioning, which was lucky with the temperature going up to 37 degrees!  The theme was medieval, and the costumes on Sunday had to be seen to be believed!

Jaybee dancers at the State Convention, Horsham, March 2018.

The Sunday Jaybee group in their costumes.

Laurina and Lachie in costume on Sunday night.


It was lovely to see Emily back at dancing. She drove all the way to Horsham on Saturday, stayed overnight and drove home on Sunday.

Princess Tegan, looking very elegant on her throne.

Laurina calling on stage.

Minnetta and Don – A knight and his lady


Our striking dressed set on Saturday night.
Helen and John, Tegan and Adrian, Laurina and Lachie, Julie and Nathan

The extended Morris/Becker family at the State Convention

Mike calling at the State Convention in Horsham


St Patrick’s Day was a blaze of green and orange.  We sang along to Irish songs and this time, Mike did ‘Four Leaf Clover’ twice in a row, without the hoedown in the middle, so everyone caught on and looked curiously at him!  Yes – to be sure, to be sure!  Luckily Morgan and Helena weren’t around to hear the Irish jokes!  (No, seriously, Morgan, we didn’t crack any jokes at all!).

Our green and orange group.

Saint Patrick’s Day was a success, with lots of green and orange in the hall.


Some notable birthdays on St Patrick’s Day – naturally Wendy and Wendy, with Chris and Chris. To be sure, to be sure

February 2018

Pancake day was very early this year – so early, in fact, that it coincided with St Valentine’s Day.  So we wore red, sang love songs and ate pancakes!  Easily done!

Chris – our official taste-tester. Yes, he said, they seem fine – let me try a few more to be sure!


Slaving away over a hot stove to make a mountain of pancakes!

We even had to use the supper room to cook so we had enough pancakes for everyone

Our Family and Friends night brought many people to the club.  Laurina and Mike taught quite a few movements as the new dancers were very keen and picked it up very quickly.  Many, many thanks to so many of our club members who came along to help and show the new people how much fun it is to square dance.

Family and Friends was a big hit, with equal numbers of club and visitors, which was great to see.

I have no idea how John can raise his leg that high in a line dance!

Our experienced dancers helped the new ones learn the moves.

You can certainly tell they are related!

January 2018

Our Australia Day barbecue once again hit the right note for dancers.  We all love dressing ‘Aussie style’ and the sausages and bread are always welcome.  Many thanks to Don and Minnetta for organising the supper.

Yup – they were very tasty. In fact, some people had to go back for seconds, just to make sure they were still OK!

Don – our keen chef, who also brought the barbecue along on his trailer.

Minnetta supervising the sausage and bread


Our first night back for 2018 was, surprisingly, not as hot as usual.  Thanks to Janice Alexander and her family for coming along and dancing with us.  It was a great way to start the year, particularly with a wine and cheese supper at the end!.

It was a great start to the year. Many thanks to all our club members and visitors from Whitehorse and Burra.

Thanks to the Callers who attended our first night back for 2018

First night back – wine and cheese! There was nothing left over to take home!

We were invited to dance at Bunnings on the 3 days of the Australia Day weekend.  It was ferociously hot and we discovered that Bunnings at Notting Hill doesn’t have air conditioning!  Happily we had a few people interested, so fingers crossed they come to our Family and Friends.  Many thanks to our club members and other square dancers who came along to support us.  It was great to see Paula and her children all dancing.  Many thanks to Nathan, Andrew, Robbie, Doona who gave up their time to help Jaybee dancers.

The group of dancers who braved the heat on Saturday morning to dance at Bunnings.

Dancing at Bunnings

Laurina calling at the Bunnings demonstration on the Australia Day weekend

Mike calling at the Bunnings Demonstration