2020 Photos



Our first night back was warm, but now we have air conditioning, we didn’t mind it at all!  Janice and Des brought some of their Whitehorse dancers along to celebrate the new year with Jaybees.

Laurina, Mike, Pat, Julie and Janice all entertained us with their calling and cueing

Dennis was the official taster – yup, looks like the wine was a good year!

Donna and Karen

Jan and Graham Robertson

Sonia, Michael, Wanda and Chris having a chat over supper

..so, whose knees are the better looking?

Lachie and Nathan with Julie

Robyn, Dorothy, Marie and Laurel having a chat over supper

Laurina having fun with some rock n roll in between squares.

Mal and Geoff having a chat with Jaybees’ President, Don McGilvery