2012 Photos


Welcome to Jaybee Square Wheelers

Square Dance Club

This is what we have been doing so far in 2012 ….

We had our final club night for 2012

Mike Davey

Mike Davey was having fun in his Christmas outfit

Howard Cockburn and Dennis Mackay

Howard Cockburn and Dennis Mackay

Mike Davey and Howard Cockburn

It was great to have Howard visit us on our final night for 2012. He and Mike did a fantastic duet to finish off the evening.

Maria and Graham

Christmas dancing


Laurina and Emily

Laurina and Emily did a Christmas duet which was just fabulous. These girls just get better and better.


Gwen, Bev, Wendy and Kaye

Gwen, Bev, Wendy and Kaye – 4 ladies in red!

Ella Whyte and Coral Wegmann

Ella Whyte and Coral Wegmann. We were privileged to be visited by the ‘Grande Dame’ of VIctorian Square and Round Dancing – Ella Whyte has been involved with the activity for 55 years. She celebrated her 80th birthday this year and is still very enthusiastic about dancing.

Adrian, Ralf, Ron, Dennis and Emily

Adrian, Ralf, Ron, Dennis and Emily. Adrian is looking much shorter than usual!



The hall was full of people having fun. It was nice to welcome some old friends from Whitehorse. Janice was at Merryn’s graduation, so they took the opportunity to visit Jaybees.




Aylene Moore and Bev Bennie

Aylene Moore and Bev Bennie wishing each other a very merry Christmas


A chance for a quick break while announcements are on.

Ladies twirling

There was a lot of serious dancing happening – some of our dancers certainly know how to twirl!

Tom and Raewyn

Tom and Raewyn were visiting from New Zealand. Raewyn gave us a great call. They enjoyed socialising with our dancers. Her they are saying goodbye to Christine, Margaret and Gwen.

We had an international night

Chris and Don

Chris and Don showing their Scottish heritage


International Round Dancing

International Round Dancing


Aylene, Helena and Morgan O'Brien

Aylene with Helena and Morgan O’Brien

Mark Howell with Mike Davey

Mike was delighted to catch up with an old friend – Mark Howell – who dropped in to visit. Hope to see you again soon, Mark


International Square Dancing

John Van Delft

John Van Delft proudly showing his Dutch heritage

The wall had flags on it

The walls of the hall were decorated with international flags – here is the American flag.

Di, Tegan, Michelle and Jonathan

Di, Tegan, Michelle and Jonathan

Annette Hagan

There were even American Indians!



Halloween is always a great night for dressing up

Joanne and Chris Park

Joanne and Chris got right into the theme – Joanne even has a halloween skirt on!

Colleen and Max Thiele

Colleen and Max have been enthusiastic supporters of Jaybees for many years – and still they dress up for the special nights!

Round Up

It was a very orange and black night!

Michelle and ??

Michelle MacLean doesn’t even look worried about her new partner!

Jane, Tegan and Joanne

Jan, Tegan and Joanne, having a chat over supper

Ghoulish dancing

Ghoulish dancing

Don and Minnetta McGilvery with Bev Bennie

Don and Minnetta McGilvery with Bev Bennie

Linda WIlson and Kaye Woods

Linda WIlson and Kaye Woods in their finery

Colleen Thiele, Bev Love and Sandra Warren-Smith

Colleen Thiele, Bev Love and Sandra Warren-Smith having some supper.

Ralf, Tegan, Laurina, Michelle and Adrian

Ralf, Tegan, Laurina, Michelle and Adrian looking ghoulish – Laurina’s dress actually has spiders and cobwebs over it – so she is right in theme.

Our Favourite Caller’s Annual Visit – Brian Hotchkies


Brian Hotchkies and Mike Davey

Brian and Mike – being very mature and grown up!

Brian Hotchkies, Emily Fry, Mike Davey and Laurina Collyer

Brian and Mike with Jaybees two trainee callers – Emily and Laurina

Dancing to Brian's calling

Dancers enjoying Brian’s calling

Emily, Brian, Pat, Mike, Coral, Laurina

Brian and Mike with Jaybees Cuers – Pat and Coral – and Jaybees trainee callers – Emily and Laurina. We are very lucky to have so much talent in our club.


Dancing to Brian Hotchkies

Emily, Brian, Mike and Laurina

Emily and Laurina have a lot to contend with – both Brian and Mike like to tease them!

Favourite Singing Calls

Pat swishing her skirt

Favourite singing calls is always popular, as we bop along to our favourite songs. Once again, we saw the old favourites come out – Elvira (thanks Ross!), ‘Light the Candles’, etc. This year the winner was one of my favourites “Beautiful Noise”. It is just a lovely piece of music and Mike does it with feeling!


Tegan and Ralf

Tegan and Adrian are dancing with Laurina and Ralf – it looks complicated, doesn’t it? Ralf is visiting from Germany and is now an honorary member of Jaybees.

Wayne and Elaine

Ralf is framed between Wayne and Elaine – it looks like the end of the bracket.

Suzy and Kelvin

Suzy and Kelvin are promenading, going back home, ready for the next part of the dance.

Brian and Linda Wilson

The footy is never far from our thoughts. Brian and Linda are showing their colours! We even had pies and sauce for supper.


Gary and Aylene

Gary and Aylene have just come back from a magnificent holiday in South Australia, bush walking and enjoying our wonderful country.


Dennis and Barry

Now what are these two up to? I am not sure if Barry is consoling Dennis or just laughing at him?

Not much left of supper!

Alan and Ross are examining the last few bits of supper. We managed to get through quite a few dozen boxes of pies! It was good – very yummy!


Poor Olsen is not allowed human food, so she had to console herself with a rawhide chewy. Life is just not fair for a guide dog puppy in training. She is now 5 months old and teething – so watch your shoes!

Lorraine and Mike Davey

It’s not often that I am the other side of the camera! No wonder people complain every time I come near – it is very unsettling! This is Lorraine and Mike Davey!



Jaybee dancers entertain the community


Pole Dancing

Every month some dedicated Jaybee dancers travel to nursing homes to entertain the people. Some functions are more challenging than others – here they appear to be doing more ‘pole’ than ‘square’ dancing!

Jaybee Dancers

Our thanks to Colleen and Max Thiele for liaising with the Homes and organising teams of dancers to wear their pretty outfits and entertain people for an hour or so. They are always well received and have people tapping their toes in time with the beat very quickly.

Jaybees graduated some dedicated dancers


Our Graduates

A small, but select group of graduates – Di, James, Eleisha, Chris and Sue with Mike


Isn’t she just drop dead gorgeous?? This is Eleisha and I can’t wait to see her turn heads at our Club!

James and Eleisha

We are looking forward to having James at our Club – he has a wicked sense of humour (and just adores Eleisha!).


Di already has a heap of square dance dresses and petticoats. She will even be dancing in Japan in October when we visit Tokyo Club’s 50th Birthday

Chris Smith and Sue MacDonald

Chris and Sue have had some fun learning to square dance with us. Chris can’t come on our Club Nights, but we hope to see Sue there from time to time.

Angels and Graduates

I would like to thank all our Angels who come along every week to help Mike teach the new dancers to square dance. Without the Angels it would be a very dull evening. They provide a lot of fun and make the learning very easy. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Adrian Teagan and Chris

The Theme was “A Day At The Races” and the Parks family were definitely in theme!

Maria and Graham

Hmm – don’t they look dapper – Maria and Graham definitely in the upmarket part of the Stand!

Helena and Morgan

Morgan has been suffering with a sore shoulder this year and he still comes along to help out with the new dancers. That’s dedication and we thank him and Helena for their support.

Helena and Julie

Helena and Julie are sharing a short break before heading back in to the dancing.

Graduates and Angels

Everyone dressed up to the theme of a Day at The Races and it was a fun way to graduates. Mike will continue next week with teaching the ABC program and we hope the graduates will come back to help with the new dancers.


Jaybees had an Amateur Callers’ Night in September

Amateur callers

Cogratulations to all the dancers who had the courage to get up on stage and call both hoedowns and singing calls. It is very intimidating and they all did a great job.
Laurina, Adrian, Mike and Emily

Hmm – Mike was just letting us know how proud he is of his two trainees – little did they know there was Adrian about to gatecrash the party!

Square Dancing

The dancers had a great time with the amateur callers

Emily Fry

Emily cannot be called ‘amateur’ any more. She is very comfortable on stage and knows how to call and keep the dancers bopping along.

Laurina Collyer

Technically, Laurina is not an amateur – in fact, give her a few more years and I think she will be one of VIctoria’s top callers.

Jim and Elsie

Jim and Elsie braved the weather to support the amateur callers.

Chris Park

Chris got himself all psyched up to do the Call. He definitely has the personality to be a Caller!

Elaine Fry

Elaine got us all singing along with ‘Alice’ – lots of fun!

Colin Collyer

Colin decided to borrow a Souza March to put some choreography to – it was quite an interesting and amusing experiment for the dancers!

Lesley Collyer

Lesley didn’t want to let the Collyer family down by being the only one not to call, so she got up and did a really good job – move over Laurina!


Olsen didn’t do too much ‘singing’ this week! She seemed to enjoy the new callers.

Brian and Linda Wilson

Brian and Linda did their duet. Last year LInda was not well, so Brian had to do the whole thing by himself – he kept missing bits (that’s Linda’s part!!). It was nice to get the whole version this year!!

Ralf, from Germany did a PLUS Hoedown

Ralf did an amazing PLUS hoedown that tied everyone up in knots. I would love to try it again! He also did a great Mainstream singing call. Maybe he should look at a future in calling?


Jaybees enjoyed Christmas in July

Mike Davey - Caller

Mike was looking very Christmassy in his red Santa shirt.

Elsie and Jim

It was nice to see Elsie and Jim at the dance. We know that this cold weather makes it very difficult for people to want to venture out at night, so we are delighted to see Elsie and Jim so frequently.

Margaret and Annette

It was time for a Mother/Daughter catch-up. Annette has been away for some time after back surgery and we are all happy to see her back, particularly Margaret.

Happy Birthday Kate

Well, it is the end of July and Kate’s birthday was in June – but we at Jaybees never forget! You can’t stay away for ever! Kate was alone on the floor as we sang Happy Birthday Kaaaaaaaaate!

Gwen and Don Moxey

Gwen and Don are showing their inimitable style dressed like Christmas and floating around the floor


Olsen is not at all happy about Christmas or anything else but getting out of the cage. She is learning to sing louder than Mike! She is not like Dee (we miss Dee!)

Robert and Kate

Robert Hagan was catching up with Kate’s news. We haven’t seen her for a while.

Believe it or not, Robyn left her shoes and petticoat in the OTHER car! She was kept company by Jim while she waited for her son to bring her lost items!

Sandra and Bob Warren Smith looking like they are celebrating Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere where it is really cold!

Wendy and Bob, round dancing to a Christmas Song

Aylene and Gary looking good in red!


Jaybees celebrated American Independence


Margaret, Annette, Linda and Olsen

Today we said goodbye to Dee as she leaves for Japan, but we welcomed Olsen – she is 8 weeks old and a bundle of energy. She is welcomed by Margaret, Annette and Linda. Welcome back to Annette who has been off with back surgery. We hope she will be back dancing soon.

David and Bev

David and Bev brought their own mugs to be sure they could get plenty of hot soup. They thought about the size of the mug very carefully and decided …

David and Bev

… that the mugs should be large enough to fit plenty of soup!

Cheryl, Shirley, Colleen, Max, Bill and Dennis

American Independence is always a bright, happy night, with great songs and lots of colour. Cheryl, Shirley, Colleen, Max and BIll are admiring Dennis’ hat. Must be hard to dance with it on – lucky he is not a weather girl!

Morgan and Gwen

It is good to have Morgan back after all his shoulder problems. We hope it won’t be long before he can throw away the sling.
Bev, Minnetta, Don and David

Bev, Minnetta, Don and David all dressed to the red, white and blue theme, with bright colours and interesting hats!


Jaybees had a Wild West Night in June



The star of the evening! Dee is looking very chic in her hat. She is flying out to Japan on 3 July, so we won’t see much more of her. She will have her puppies in Japan and we hope they will grow up to be valuable assistants to visually impaired people in Japan. We will miss you, Dee.


Mike had fun calling all country – uh, I mean – western songs.

Barry and Dennis

I am thinking of making a competition. What do you think Barry and Dennis are thinking? Any suggestions? Let me know and I will add them to the photo!

John and Lesley

Lesley is still on crutches, but it is nice to have her visit, even though she still can’t dance. She is keeping John company.


There were a few birthdays this week. Congratulations to Heather, Cheryl, Brian, Eileen, James and Margaret

Dee with Teagan, Laurina and Emily

Dee is enjoying all the attention from Teagan, Laurina and Emily. It’s nice to see Emily. She is on holiday from uni for a couple of weeks so she can visit us.

Gwen and Don Moxey

Gwen and Don are right in theme, with hats and western shirts

Sonya, Michael and Elaine

The Wild West night meant we could discard the skirts and shoes and wear boots and jeans. Elaine is looking very comfortable. Check out Sonya’s boots – very nice!


Jaybees went to Tasmania in June


Cancan girls

Our Cancan dressed set – Emily, Elizabeth, Laurina, MIchelle with Philip, Jonathan, Darcy and Adrian. Their dresses are very outstanding – congratulations to Wendy MacLean for designing and making them.

The satin dressed set

Congratulations to Elaine, Minnetta, Robyn, Karen, Ross, Glen, James and Gary. The outfits were just stunning. Another Wendy MacLean creation. She is so good at designing and making these outfits.

Silver Spinners

Philomena and John led the SIlver Spinners in the dressed set parade. They looked sensational


Minnetta is showing a little leg. That’s what happens when she goes to a dance without Don – utterly shameless!

Emily Fry

Emily was Pippi Longstocking. Must say, I liked the wig!

Elaine Fry

Elaine was all dressed up in black and white for the black and white TV night

Mike Davey, Jerry Jestin and Howard Cockburn

Mike and Howard conversing with our Guest Caller, Jerry Jestin from Canada/US

Dress up night

Lorraine and MIke getting into the theme of black and white TV. Lawrence of Arabia and Maid Marion

Adrian and Danae

Hmm – young love!! Danae looked at Adrian. Adrian looked at Danae and that was all it took! Wonder who will be doing the travelling between SA and Victoria? We love you guys!!

Robyn and James looked like they were having fun – it must have been early in the Convention before they after partying caught up with them!

Wendy and Elizabeth MacLean


Jaybees went Back to School in May

I am adding a few more photos than usual, because Lesley Collyer had a ‘bit of an incident’ with an excitable Labrador (no, not Dee) and is languishing at home with a broken leg.  She is sooo bored!  We have a communication book so we can send messages of love and sympathy, but it’s not the same as talking to her.  Lesley, we miss you!  Please get well soon and come back to us!

Colleen, Don and Bev

Yes, we are quite sure we know who the class clown was! Mr Don Juan, flirting with the ladies!

Aylene and Elaine

Yes, Aylene is still at Secondary School, with pigtails and all, while Elaine has graduated with such a nice colour!


Yeah – you just know that Mike was the naughty kid in school. Nothing much changes, he just adds a few kilos and loses the mullet

Don, Heather and John Kenny

Don, Heather and John are chatting about their school days! I wonder if they can remember how many times they fell in love in year 7?

Jan and Graham

Jan and Graham Robertson knew just where they left their school uniforms – stored under the bed for just an occasion such as this! Nah, just kidding, I think it was another Op Shop find!!!


Ross can still fit into his De la Salle uniform after all those years. What a packrat – he has kept it and there don’t even seem to be any moth holes in it!!

Adrian and Tegan

Tegan is just checking that Adrian has done his homework. I think he forgot to feed the animals this evening, so he had to sit in the naughty corner for a while! Never mind, Mum and Dad are home next weekend and life gets back to normal

Colleen and Max

Colleen and Max met while Colleen was still at school – he wooed her and won her!

Lorraine and Bob

Hmmm – Not sure what Bob was like at school, but I can guess – you know what they say, you have to grow older, but you don’t have to grow up!

Bob, Max, Max and Alan

Now here’s a bunch of lively lads! Wonder where they all went to school? Bob, Max, Max and Alan (no, it’s not a stutter!)

Sandra and Bob

Bob and Sandra – still in love after all those years!

Gary, Morgan and Mike

Gary, Morgan and Mike are discussing school days. Yes, it was fun – I think, actually it was so long ago I’m not sure I remember!!!

Laurina, Tegan and MIchelle

I know they still look like schoolgirls, but Laurina is at TAFE, Tegan is a nurse and Michelle works in Aged Care. Maybe I am just getting old, because they look like they should still be in Secondary School!

Gwen and Coral

As you might expect – Gwen went to a school that had colourful uniforms. She refuses to wear boring black. Coral is still on the sick list, so she came elegantly dressed to do her cueing and then sat in coffee corner chatting to her friends, so it was still fun, but not as much fun as dancing!

Wendy, Matt, Julie, Lynne

It was nice to see Julie and Matt – who are still at school (well, TAFE). They are flanked by Mum Wendy and Aunt Lyn. Julie is expecting twin boys in about 9 weeks and we are all getting excited.

Wendy and James

Hmm – James is the Club Principal and is checking that the girls’ have their skirts at the appropriate lengths

The Winches kept their jackets on, so we could’t see if they were in correct school uniform!

Cheryl and Dennis wore their school uniforms with aplomb

Di and Wendy

Di came all dressed in her new outfit, dropped off a cheesecake for supper and disappeared! What happened Di? We wanted to dance with you. I guess she is just missing Jonathan who is touring Europe at present (so jealous ….)

Don and Minnetta

Don and Minnetta found their school uniforms in the Op Shop – we love Op Shopping!

Glenys, Bob, Colleen, Sandra and Bev

Glenys, Bob, Colleen, Sandra and Bev have just arrived and are catching up before they even take off their jackets. A week is a long time in square dancing as well as politics!

Eileen and David

She said “Go away! I will not have my photo taken”. Well, at least David thinks it is funny!

Eileen Gray and David Love

I win!!!

Teaching our new dancers at Bogong Avenue

Our new dancers

Laurina has been doing the teaching while Mike has been on holiday and the new dancers are having a lot of fun.

Happy dancers

It won’t be long before we get them up to the Tuesday club as they are moving at a very fast pace.


They may not look terribly angelic, but we would not have nearly as much fun if we didn’t get so many angels each week to help us out. Here we have some of the ‘wallflowers’ – Arthur, Peter and Chris


Annual General Meeting – March 2012

Alan and Bev Bennie with Wendy

Congratulations to Alan and Bev Bennie for the Jaybee Trophy. They are tireless workers, supplying all the provisions for the club each week and helping out on the committee. We appreciate their help immensely

AGM Attendees

Some of the crowd at the AGM. It is a very popular night – not sure if it is because of the meeting or the pizzas!


We asked Catnap if he would like to be on the Committee. I guess his face said it all!

Alan, Robyn and Chris

We welcomed back Alan, Robyn and Chris to the Committee and said goodbye to Ray and Cindy.

Ross and Ray

It was also St Patrick’s Day, so there was a lot of green floating around – and some orange. Ross and Ray obvioulsy had the same idea!

Morgan and Helena

No St Patrick’s Day would be complete without some real Irish people. Thanks to Morgan and Helena O’Brien for bringing their Irish blessings book, to raise the tone of the night.

AGM Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Lesley and Kay. Dee is looking completely unconcerned. Maybe she knows that this is her last night at Jaybees. She is going back to Guide Dogs for assessment and possible placement with a new owner. We are going to miss her terribly.

Bob and Patricia

Bob and Patricia are enjoying pizza and breathing a sigh of relief that Wendy did not co-opt them onto the committee!

Bev and Shirley

Bev Love and Shirley Blake are enjoying pizza – a very nice ending to a fun evening. Yes, we actually enjoy our AGM!!

State Convention, Morwell – March 2012

Jaybee dancers were fairly visible at the State Convention in Morwell.  We had two sets in the Dressed Set Parade and Mike called one of the numbers, with Neil Wynn doing the other.  Wendy MacLean and Cindy Wight made the outfits in the month leading up to the Convention – don’t ask me how!!  Congratulations to the young ones who not only attended their first Convention, but also danced in the Dressed Set and did a fantastic job.  Laurina Collyer was asked to sing the National Anthem, which she did so well that there were a few tears around the hall!  John and Philomena Van Delft and Coral and Barry Wegmann carried banners representing the VSDA and RDAV.

John and Philomena

John and Philomena were part of the Banner Parade. They represented the VSDA. Behind them is Coral and Barry, who had the RDAV Banner

Suzie Gurman and Jack Murphy

Suzie had a chat with Jack Murphy, the guest of honour for the Convention. Jack is over 90 and can still belt out a Call. The dancers loved him.


Laurina was asked to sing the National Anthem again this year. She has an amazing voice and a great deal of poise. She did us proud!

All the Dressed Sets

Both Dressed Sets posing for the cameras. Congratulations to Wendy MacLean and Cindy Wight, who made all the outfits for our beautiful sets. It was a mammoth effort.

Our Sparkling White Set

Cindy, Siobhan, Georgia, Sonya, with Kevin, Colin, Jordan and James with Mike

State Convention - our Cancan Dressed Set

Laurine, Michelle, Emily, Tegan with Darcy, Adrian, Matt and Jonathan. Led by Matthew

Jaybee Dancers

Some of the Jaybee dancers who attended the State Convention at Morwell. This was the dress-up night, so many of us were wearing masks.

Shrove Tuesday – 21 February

Shrove Tuesday is one of the highlights of our calendar. Many thanks to our cooks – Wendy, Robyn, Cindy, Linda, Christine and Bev (No, Dee did not do any cooking, but she did clean up the floor for us!)

Shrove Tuesday – Linda and Chris are telling Don that he will have to wait until supper! Check out Linda’s apron – she is outrageous!

Shrove Tuesday – Greig is supervising! Just making sure that Wendy and Cindy don’t start tasting before supper!

Shrove Tuesday – Bev is preparing to flip her pancake – watch out…..

Shrove Tuesday – Robyn is in mid-flip. Let’s hope it lands back in the pan

Shrove Tuesday – Michelle is deciding whether to add jam and cream, syrup or lemon and sugar – or maybe all of them!

Valentine’s Day – February 14th

Valentines Day – this is what we come for – lots of good dancing and Mike calling some great love songs

Valentines Day – Annette is a picture in red. That colour definitely suits her.

Valentines Day – Congratulations to Heather and Max. It is their wedding anniversary. Does 54 years sound right?

Valentines Day – Alan and Bev are looking happy. He must have remembered to buy flowers!

Valentines Day – Don and Dennis are commiserating with each other – they both forgot to buy flowers and chocolate! Let’s hope there is an all night florist in the area!

Valentines Day – Elaine and Aylene are talking about what they got for Valentines Day.

Valentines Day – Jim says he will get into heaps of trouble being seen with such a lovely lady as Elsie. Let’s hope Betty understands!

Valentines Day – John brought Philomena and dedicated a love song to her. It was very romantic. They have only been married 4 months.

Valentines Day – Jonathan is looking hot, which is not surprising as the evening was very warm and we don’t have air conditioning in the hall.

Valentines Day – Linda, Cheryl and Heather are sharing a joke – I think it could be about how many times the camera gets in their faces while they are eating!

Valentines Day – Luka and Teagan, having a chat during supper


Valentines Day – Matthew and Julie – yes, it’s true – they are expecting TWINS! Congratulations to both of you.

Valentines Day – John and Margaret Meredith, still in love after all these years.

Valentines Day – Mike is wearing his lollipop pink shirt – who says real men don’t wear pink??

Valentines Day – Morgan and Helena are just back from two weeks cruising around New Zealand

Patricia and Bob celebrating Valentines Day

Bob, Minnetta, Bev, David and RObert

Bob, Minnetta and Robert congratulating Bev and David Love on their anniversary

 Australia Day – January 24

The Two Wendys

Australia Day – Mike and Dee

Mike with Maya and Ray

Australia Day – Mike and Dee taking a break

Australia Day – Dennis and Cheryl showing what a nice empty plate they have!!


Australia Day – Mike with Laurina


Australia Day – Joanne having a chat with Lyn, a visitor from Whitehorse.

Australia Day – Let’s hope that James has put stuffing in that beer belly!!!


Australia Day – The Hagans looking very patriotic

Australia Day – despite the warm weather, there was plenty of dancing

Australia Day – Pat is still in Hawaii, so we are lucky to have Coral to cue for us.


Australia Day – Cheryl and Jenny (from Whitehorse) are displaying their unique outfits

Australia Day – Bev and Gwen with some unusual ornamentation!